Membership juried application process

Sunny Days Ahead by Lindsey Siroky

West Tennessee Artisan Trail Membership Juried Application Process.

To receive a copy, simply email the WTAT president or vice-president at the emails listed at the bottom of this form.


Juried Fine Arts – Items submitted for this category must be individually handcrafted.  All designs should be original.  Two-dimensional artwork, including paintings, photographs and drawings, and three-dimensional artwork, such as sculpture, are accepted.  Of the work displayed, 75% must be original; 25% may be mechanical reproductions (i.e. prints). Commercially manufactured items are prohibited.  No imports, products made from kits, non-original patterns or molds are acceptable.  No commercial resale is allowed.

Juried Handicraft – Items submitted for this category must be handcrafted.  Found items may be used in the craft. Of the work displayed, 25% must be original; 75% may be mechanical reproductions (i.e. prints). Commercially manufactured items are prohibited.  No imports, products made from kits, non-original patterns are acceptable.

  • We reserve the right to request the removal of items at West Tennessee Artisan Trail shows which were not included in the membership application.

Annual membership dues of $50 will be payable upon acceptance.

Applicants may apply in more than one category.  An application is required for membership and a recommendation by a WTAT charter member.

At WTAT-sponsored shows, the artist or a studio principal or employee directly involved in design and production must be present for the complete duration of the fair to sell and meet the public.

If you become a member of WTAT, it is required that booths at a WTAT show be set up on time; opening late or closing early is not allowed.  Exhibitors must bring enough stock for the entire show. All participants must be 18 or older to apply.

  • In the event of theft, vandalism, damage and/or loss of property, the West Tennessee Artisan Trail will not be held liable. It is strongly recommended that artisans have show insurance, and some large shows require this. Per show insurance is $39. Annual policies vary. WTAT will be glad to provide information on artists’ insurance.




Name: __________________________________________________


Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________________

City________________________________________ State __________Zip _________________________

Telephone (        ) __________________________

E-mail _______________________________________________

Briefly describe the process used in creating your art or craft:  ________________________________________________________________






 Fine Arts   __________     Handicraft _________

____Basketry            ____Leather    ____Ceramic – Decorative          ____Metal

___ Ceramic – Functional      ____Mixed Media   ____Fiber  ___3D Art

___Musical Inst.   ____Furniture  ____Wood  ____Glass

____2D Art   ____2D Photo   ____Jewelry  ____Other (Specify)











jpeg format REQUIRED:         5 photographs representing your work

1 representing your booth display/set-up – this photo is mandatory.


Required: Still photograph representative of your work (can be of one piece).


Please use the space below to describe the work contained on your CD or flash drive and photograph.  These descriptions will be read aloud to the judges during the jury process.  Be sure to include the materials used as well as the technique used to produce your craft.  This information is to inform the judges about the techniques and processes used, which are not always apparent from photographs.  We encourage professional quality photographs..  Photos must reasonably represent the quality and full price range of the work submitted.

Please label each CD or flash drive with your name.


  • PHOTO # 1 – price of item(s): $




  • PHOTO # 2 – price of item(s): $





  • PHOTO # 3 – price of item(s): $





  • PHOTO # 4 – This should represent your typical booth display.  Average price of items in the booth: $___________.



  • STILL PHOTOGRAPH representative of some of your work (not booth display photo):


Note: The CD/flash drive will be returned to you after the slide jury has concluded, regardless of acceptance/non-acceptance. You must provide the self-addressed stamp envelope large enough for the CD or the flash drive. The photograph will NOT be returned; it may be used for publicity.


Remember to include the $30 nonrefundable application fee.



NAME/JURY# ________________________/______CAT: ___________________________SCORE: __________________STATUS:


DATE: _________________AMT: ______________CK#____________________SASE: _____________#SL or CD:

________________PHOTO: ________


More information, call WTAT President Jacque Hillman at (731) 394-2894. Or email: Or email WTAT Vice-President Wanda Stanfill at West Tennessee Artisan Trail, 124 E. Baltimore St., Ste. 118, Jackson, TN. 38301. If requested, we will email you this form.