Janice Sumler

A native of West Tennessee, Janice Sumler has spent her life enjoying nature’s beauty and finding ways to communicate her view of it. As a child she drew and painted on whatever was available. Janice was mainly self-taught although she did have some instruction beginning in 1970. “I felt like my life really began then.” She continued her studies with art books and workshops, being influenced mostly by her friend, the late Grove Robinson.

In l988, she entered the print industry, producing over 125 prints by 2002.  These were sold throughout the U.S.A. and many foreign countries. This year, she signed a print and licensing contract with Art Trends.  Prints will be produced of both watercolor and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.  Her work continues to be licensed on products for the marketplace.

In 1996, Janice began teaching and continues to teach classes and workshops.  Her life’s work has been about seeing and painting the beauty of light, shapes and colors of nature and in so doing to uplift the spirit.  Janice does not use her paintings to make an esoteric statement of why and what she paints. Instead, she chooses to see the beauty of life and translate what she sees to paper or canvas. This may sound too simple to make a difference in the art world, but that is not her aim, which simply is…to please the eye and soothe and uplift the spirit of those who enjoy her work.

Contact Janice: 314 E. Main St., Jackson, TN. 38301.



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